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Saturday Walk-In Vaccine Clinic

We now offer a walk-in vaccine clinic on select Saturday's starting at 8am. Our last check-in is at 11:30am. All cats must be in carriers, and dogs much be on a leash. Muzzles are highly suggested if your pet gets anxious for vaccine visits.


Prices and services are listed below.

* PLEASE NOTE: If you prefer to stay with your pet due to anxiety, if you have questions for the veterinarian, or you would like the doctor to perform a thorough physical exam or diagnostics, please visit our website to book a weekday appointment where we can spend more time with your pet. We are not able to perform full physical exams on pets during the vaccine clinic.


  • When you arrive, a team member will greet you, hand you paperwork and instruct you to park in a specific numbered space.

  • Once you've selected vaccines for your pet(s), our "car runners" will come to your car to take payment. They will return to retrieve your pet and bring them inside the building for their vaccinations.

  • All documents will be emailed (i.e. itemized receipt, rabies certificate, and vaccine certificate) unless a printed copy is requested.

  • Once your pet has received their services, the same "car runner" will return to your numbered parking space with your pet, a note from the doctor (if additional testing is recommended), and an envelope containing info about vaccine reactions and local hospitals to visit in case of an emergency.

  • If your cat had FIV/FELV testing you will be provided with the results when they return to your car. If your dog had a heartworm test, we will contact you by text or email (if applicable). If you do not receive these results please text us and we will email you your records.

  • If your pet needs additional services (fecal testing, deworming, nail trimming, internal organ function testing, please contact us so we can schedule those services on a weekday.


Vaccine Clinic Schedule

Saturday, July 6th 2024

Saturday, July 20th 2024

Saturday, August 3rd 2024

Saturday, August 17th 2024

Saturday, August 31st 2024

More dates to be announced...

Questions? Need Records?

Call or Text 502-866-0065


Canine Vaccine Prices

Rabies 1yr   $20 + tax

Rabies 3yr   $30 + tax

Distemper/Parvo   $22 + tax

Distemper/Parvo/Lepto   $24 + tax

Leptospirosis   $19 + tax

Bordetella   $22 + tax

Influenza   $40 + tax


Heartworm test $20 + tax

Feline Vaccine Prices

Rabies 1yr   $20 + tax

Rabies 3yr   $30 + tax

Feline Distemper   $22 + tax

Feline Leukemia   $25 + tax


FIV / FELV test $28 + tax

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